The Money Really Is In The List!
Building an email list is crucial because it's the best way to build a relationship with potential customers in an intimate way. If you build a list of targeted subscribers and develop a relationship with them, odds are, they will be responsive to your opportunities that you email them.

The most essential tool you need to earn online is a mailing list of targeted customers. Without a list, you'll see very limited success. With that said, I'm about to show you how to build your list and start a business for under $12.00 a month!!! This system will "Rock Your World"!

Not only will you be able to build your list, you'll get a residual income as well. Take a look below and see what you'll get. This is by far, one of the best deals I've seen, online.

You'll get all the tools you need to start your business...

If You’re Not Building An Email List, You’re Making A HUGE Mistake! Let Me Help You Build Yours.
Web Hosting
Splash/Squeeze builder
Downline Builder
If you were to go out and purchase these tools separately, you would pay upwards of $100. Not only will you get all the tools above, for under $12, you get a chance to earn a residual income as well, while you build your list.
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=> Lesson #1 - BASIC RULES FOR EFFECTIVE EMAIL MARKETING (Before you can get in the game, you`ve got to know these simple rules.)

=> Lesson #2 - EMAIL AESTHETICS (Making your message visually appealing is half the battle. I`ll show you how.)

=> Lesson #3 - 7 WAYS TO COLLECT EMAIL ADDRESSES (Your online success story starts with collecting the email addresses that will build your mailing list. Use these unbeatable techniques to create your own "A-List.")

=> Lesson #4 - USING AUTORESPONDERS TO MULTIPLY YOUR MARKETING POWER EXPONENTIALLY and SAVE TIME & MONEY (This is the must-have information you`re after. You`ll see why when it saves you money and swamps you with orders!)

=> Lesson #5 - HARNESSING THE POWER OF EMAIL MARKETING (Get to know -- and master -- the strategies and techniques marketing pros use daily to get results! Insider secrets revealed!)

=> Lesson #6 - 8 STEPS TO IRRESISTIBLE COPY EVERY TIME (Learn how to write email messages that compel people to send you money! Try these 8 keys!)

=> Lesson #7 - TRIGGER WORDS THAT SABOTAGE YOUR EFFORTS (Discover the trigger words and characters that must be avoided so that your message doesn`t fall into a spam trap or filter.)

=> Lesson #8 - EMAIL LISTS - WHAT`S UNSAFE (Don`t waste your marketing dollars on lists with leads that go nowhere. Learn how to protect your budget.)

=> Lesson #9 - EMAIL LISTS - WHAT`S SAFE (Signposts to lead lists that will work.)

In addition to the 9 exceptional lessons outlined above, you`ll get some extras, too, -- a study break, lists of words to use, a "graduation present" down the line.

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