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Auto X Ads is an advertising site that when you join and pay for an ad pack, you get quality advertising. Plus you have a chance to make $85.00 when you cycle through the 4 stages of 2x1 matrices. You will cycle once you bring in 2 referrals and help those referrals bring in their 2, and so on, until you cycle out of all 4 matrices.

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Level 1 Through Level 3 is Personally Forced! Level 4 is Company Forced!
Level 1 - 2x1 - Earns $15 & Enters You In Next Level 2!

Level 2 - 2x1 - Payout $15 Plus an Entry into Level 3!

You just earned your join fee back. $15.00
Level 3 - 2x1 - Payout $20 Plus an Entry into Level 4!
You're up $20.00
Level 4 - 2x1 - Payout $50 and Re- Entry into Level 4!
You just earned $50.00 for a total of $85.00
Advances you to the next level.
This will be HUGE Folks! We're doing a team build - everyone that joins will get 2 referrals. Those 2 referrals will follow you through 4 stages to get you to the company forced stage 4. You will earn your money back once you cycle stage 2. It's going to be CRAZY!!!

Once you cycle stage 4 you will get a re-entry back in stage 4. This is only a 2x1 so with this stage being company forced, you will cycle multiple times earning you $50, over and over again!! .

But wait.... it gets better! When you cycle stage 4, we ask you to make 1 more purchase into stage 1. However, instead of making the purchase under your account, we will give you the link of last person on the spread sheet so that those on the bottom will get referrals as well. Are you picturing this yet?

That's right ... we build from the top AND bottom! This is one team build that you don't want to miss!

*Auto X Ads is in no way, associated with the $2.00 cash back rebate offered by Home Business Components and their team build for Auto X Ads. After you join, and upgrade under our team build, you will get instructions on how to receive your rebate. By joining our team today, you understand you will not hold Auto X Ads reliable for our $2.00 cash back rebate and that the rebate will be paid out by Home Business Components and it's team build. This offer may be canceled at any time.